Can my analogue video tapes be transferred to Blu-ray?

The only 2 tape formats recommended for Blu-ray transfer are digital 8 & Mini DV, but other formats can be transferred to Blu-ray if you wish.

Can you transfer video tapes from other countries?

Yes we can transfer video tapes from most countries, the different formats we can transfer are PAL, NTSC, SECAM, PAL-M & PAL-N.

Does the transfer process involve video cleaning?

Yes the transfer process employs an advanced filtration system that reduces noise, minimizes jitter, and ensures perfect frame synchronization.

How can I pay for my video transfer?

You can pay using postal order & cheque, or if you prefer you can pay with debit & credit card using nochex. (no account required)

How much video footage does a DVD hold?

On a standard single layer DVD it is not recommended to go over 2 hours, for tapes longer than 2 hours dual layer DVD’s are used.

How will my tapes & discs sent back to me?

Tapes and discs are always sent back using royal mail special delivery.

I have old 35mm slides can these be transferred to DVD?

Yes we are able to transfer 35mm slides & negatives to DVD. You can have them on DVD as image files or we can create a slide show for you.

What cine formats can you transfer?

Standard 8, Super 8 & 16mm.

What video tape formats can you transfer?

Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, SVHS-C, Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8 & Mini DV.

Will I be able to edit the DVD on my computer?

No but if you prefer we can provide your transferred video as an mpeg file allowing you to edit it yourself. Please note the mpeg file will not play on a standard DVD player.
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